1. Do you sell air tickets?

No, we are a price comparison website. We do not sell the tickets found in our search results, but redirecting you directly to the airline companies where you can book the desired flight.

2. How often do you update the prices?

We make every effort to update the prices regularly. Please be aware that fares may change due to availability at time of booking.

3. Why does the price for the same flight vary depending on the chosen departure/return flight?

Some airlines offer a discounted price if you choose the return ticket with the same company. If you decide to fly back home with some other airline, the price for the departure flight may be higher. We always show you the range of prices for the same flight and once you've selected both ways, the final price will be shown in the flight details.

4. What does the indicated price include?

The prices include all mandatory taxes and charges. However, you should always check the final price (with selected additional options included) on the airline's website.

5. Is Airtickets.aero free to use?

Absolutely, using Airtickets.aero is completely free of charge.

6. Which airlines and regions do you cover?

At the moment, our focus is on the low-cost airline companies in Europe, North Africa and Middle East. Please check our website regularly, as we are constantly developing and adding new destinations and features.

7. I have a question regarding my booking.

You should contact the airline company that issued your ticket. We do not take part in your booking process and therefore have no information concerning your booking (such as payments, luggage allowance, delays and similar). We are only providing the information where to find the cheapest and best flight for you.